« Lisa 2 / 10 » (vendu)

This is my Lisa 2 / Macintosh XL.

As you can see on the pictures, the boot sequence is stops when it need to access the hard drive or the diskette.

I have a mouse, the M0100, but it’s not the classical Lisa mouse. I don’t know if it shipped with that model or is was replaced afterall.

It has 2 memory card, dated 1983.


  • The original power cord. (But one of the same color is included)


There is hope!

There’s a lot of info about Lisa and Lisa 2, including how to test it and try to repair the disk drive and hard drive. A patient and passionate Apple fan could find the way to make it work. Even the color can be repaired apparently.


I dont’ know yet how much it could cost to ship, but I guess at least 200$. I’m located in Montréal, Canada.